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  • Exploring Lviv

    Its hard not to love Lviv. Its easily one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in all of Europe. This wonderful video from Alexander Tovstiy helps capture Lviv’s true brilliance. More

  • Sh*t Ukrainian Girls Say

    A little Throw Back Thursday clip to lighten the mood. Remember when these videos were a thing? We know it’s not representative of all Ukrainian girls, but its funny none the less. More

  • Drone footage of destroyed Donetsk airport

    Amazing drone footage showing the destruction to the Donetsk airport that’s taken place during the war in Eastern Ukraine. This was a modern sophisticated airport two years ago and its sad that a brand new, beautiful $400 million airport has been destroyed by this conflict. More

  • People Of #EuroMaidan

    This is the most moving and powerful video we’ve seen to date on the Euromaidan situation. Despite media reports of hooligans and violent protesters, there are many peaceful Ukrainians standing up for what they believe in. This video perfectly displays the regular faces of young and old, male and female who have come to show […] More

  • BALKA – Women, Drugs, and HIV in Ukraine

    Balka is a documentary about three women in Ukraine which highlights the epidemic in Ukraine with HIV increasing amongst IDU’s. A few years ago Ukraine started a Methadone substitution program but there is a lack of availability and recently a lack of will power by those in government. See the summary from Open Society Foundation […] More

  • Euro 2012 Commercial has put out a fantastic commercial this year for UEFA’s Euro Cup 2012. Premise is simple, guys has bought his girl a fantastic trip, but not to the place she would think. Pretty sure most girls would react this way, which is what makes this video so funny. The benefit here is that us […] More