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    Ukraine dance group blows judges away on America’s Got Talent

    Host Tyra Banks shocked audiences when she pushed the coveted Golden Buzzer for Light Balance, a group of dancers from Ukraine who literally lit up the stage with their intricate choreography and neon costumes on a recent episode. This isn’t Light Balance’s first time on TV or their first appearance on the Got Talentfranchise. The dancers […] More

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    Ukrainians Impress on America’s Got Talent

    Tuesday’s performance of America’s Got Talent, Ukrainian dance team ‘Freckled Sky‘ received the Golden Buzzer from judge Howard Stern. Their performance was breathtaking and inspiring. Freckled Sky consists of dance members Olga Sokolova and Jalen Preston and behind the scenes a whole cast of Ukrainians, partnered with Ukrainian company Front Pictures. Most notably director Oleg Bodnarchuk. Look […] More

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    25 Iconic Entertainment Images ‘Ukrainian-ized’

    Anton Chistol, a 16 year old from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine created a forum online where he asked people to post famous images from movies and TV with a Ukrainian theme. Little did he know the idea would take off and hundreds of photos have been submitted. From Star Wars to X-Files, here is a collection of […] More