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  • Freedom or Death! documentary film

    A trailer for the documentary film “Freedom or Death” which highlights events in Ukraine in 2013-2014. The film shows how peaceful pro European protests in Kyiv escalated into a war with Russia. More

  • What Ukraine needs now

    Two years ago, the people of Ukraine toppled the criminal and tyrannical regime of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after police opened fire on protestors in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Over 100 people were murdered for making one simple demand of their government — that Ukraine’s citizens be treated with dignity. Those who perished defending the […] More

  • Eric Church brought Euromaidan to the Grammys

    Country music star Eric Church played his hit single ‘Give Me Back My Hometown‘ at the 2015 Grammy Awards. While playing his song, he projected scenes from Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution behind him. The video above shows his presentation. More

  • Euromaidan SOS – One Year is a Lifetime

    The demonstrations in Ukraine, widely known today as EuroMaidan, started as a reaction to the refusal of president Yanukovich to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union. It was perceived by the protesters as a concession in response to Russian blackmail. There was a pro-European demonstration, with very determined but not overwhelming public participation. More

  • All Things Ablaze (Official Trailer)

    This film is not about the revolution that changed Ukraine this winter. Not exactly. It is rather about 
a universal pattern of particular kind of revolutions – those ones that imply violence. It shows how the energy of a people full of endeavor for freedom collides with the dark force of repressive rulers; then how […] More

  • RUSLANA meets with Ukrainians in Toronto

    On August 4th, 2014 The Euromaidan Canada Committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (Toronto Branch) hosted a community round table with RUSLANA – the heart & soul of UKRAINE’S MAIDAN. More

  • First time, second time and maybe even a third – A Conversation with a Friend

    We’re sitting in a café – identical to many others of the same chain coffee store all over Canada. We start talking about Kyiv since it’s a mutual interest and shared experience (individual but shared at the same time). More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – 22.04.2014

    Last weekend we celebrated Easter – a time for reflection and rebirth. Several months ago, Dominique Arel (Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Ottawa), called my writings a “Maidan Diary”. Diaries are a tool for reflection, but does keeping a diary inevitably lead to closure and rebirth? More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – 13.04.2014

    According to Eastern Rite tradition, the dead are mourned for 40 days. Although deaths are commemorated annually thereafter, after forty days, the lives of survivors are expected to continue. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Philosophical Thoughts

    Today is a noteworthy day. Exactly 120 days ago a few hundred people set up a tiny protest camp on Kyiv’s Independence Square. On November 21, this small group of people was outraged at the sudden about-face of the Azarov government, and its refusal to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Treaty. I returned to Kyiv on Sunday November 24 (after a short teaching assignment in Lviv) to participate in a fairly substantial demonstration: the first Sunday “viche”. We were pleased that upwards of 50 thousand came out to protest on that day. How far we’ve come since! More

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