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  • Vika: Trailer

    Ukrainian orphan Vika longs to see her sister, who was adopted by a Canadian family. More

  • “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob

    Toronto shoppers were surprised when a group of Ukrainian carolers surprised everyone in the mall with a “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob. By the looks of all the lucky people surrounding them it was a huge hit!  More

  • Those are some hollow sanctions over there EU

    I was going to write about the imagery of the Maidan Revolution but then I read an article on the BBC about the latest sanctions against Russia and saw a CNN report about the US sending in ammunition to the Israeli military. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Thoughts on Putin

    I’ve spent the past week in Canada visiting my elderly parents. Other than having to deal with jet lag, I’ve also experienced a degree of culture shock: for the average Canadian, the situation in Ukraine is very distant indeed. For Ukrainian-Canadians who I would classify as intellectuals, the ongoing war in the Donbas is more […] More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Delayed Invasion / May Gambit

    Is an invasion of eastern Ukraine by Russian troops imminent? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind tonight. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper alluded to such a possibility during his press conference with Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk in Kyiv today. More

  • Perogy-flavoured chips make the cut

    In Canada you can now find pergy-flavoured chips on the shelves. It’s part of Lays Canada’s new contest to pick their next flavour. No surprise that the chips are flying off the shelves. Edmonton’s Lucas Crawford came up with the suggestion and might just be their biggest fan. The video from CBC dives deep into […] More