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    Winter in Chernobyl captured in infared


    Captured through a full spectrum Kolari Vision infrared camera, photographer Vladimir Migutin adds more surreality to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a 1000 square mile area around the tragic site of the nuclear power plant disaster. With trees tinged white and grounds and leaves taking on the colour pink, the disaster zone transforms into a dreamlike, unreal environment. See more of his work on Facebook and on Instagram.


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    Ten Seconds

    “10 Seconds” is the latest documentary from Ukrainian filmmaking collective Babylon 13. Directed by Yulia Gontaruk, it recalls the 24 January 2015 Russian Grad rocket attack on a residential district of Mariupol and offers a window onto the harrowing aftermath as victims sought to make sense of the carnage and rebuild their lives amid the uncertainties of the ongoing conflict. Warning: video contains graphic footage.

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    KAZKA is a sign of a new Ukrainian pop music, which combines lightness, joy of life, authentic folk notes and a high culture of sound. The duo, who originally charmed Youtube’s audience with their debut song “The Holidays”, topping iTunes charts in Ukraine, continue to build on the success of their appearance on “X-factor 8” with СВЯТА. Enjoy!

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    “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob

    Toronto shoppers were surprised when a group of Ukrainian carolers surprised everyone in the mall with a “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob. By the looks of all the lucky people surrounding them it was a huge hit!

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    Apple Watch commercial shot in Kyiv

    Apple’s latest commercial may feel a bit familiar to those who have travelled within Ukraine.

    In the new ad “Roll,” we see a skateboarder walking through a crowded train station. That train station(s) is Kyiv’s Central Railway Station and Zoloti Vorota metro station. He pops in a pair of AirPods, browses through a list of Apple Music selections — landing on “Misbehaving” by Labrinth — on his Apple Watch and presses play.

    The ad turns into a type of dream sequence, with the skateboarder turning the train station into his personal playground, weaving through the crowd performing stunts, tricks and causing explosions to the beat of the music.

    The ad “Roll” was first aired during the company’s product unveiling bonanza on Tuesday. Like other recent Apple commercials, the latest Series 3 spot features an upbeat track and high production value, with the device itself receiving only minimal screen time.


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    Odessa from Above

    The video displays the major touristic attractions of Odessa, the motherland of Stallone’s mother, Whoopi Goldberg‘s great grandma, David Copperfield’s grand parents, Sigmund Freud’s mother.

    Odessa Opera Theatre, Potemkin Stairs, Odessa Sea Port, Deribasivska Street are here in the video.

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