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Alexandr Hrustevich is an accordion master

Aleksandr Hrustevich is a musician from Ukraine whose speciality is the bayan (a chromatic button accordion), an instrument largely unknown in the United States, but gaining momentum in Europe, not least because of Mr. Hrustevich.

In October 2008, the bayanist uploaded a video of himself playing two minutes of “Summer” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, as well as a few other videos. A year later, the Vivaldi went viral, especially after he was featured in Digg and NPR. Concert organizers reached out to Aleksandr to showcase his incredible ability to interpret complex pieces meant for the violin and piano, to the bayan. We recently interviewed Aleksander to discuss being a performer in the age of the internet, and the challenge of arranging music for such an unusual instrument.

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Check out his full Vilnius concert below:

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