WATCH : Winter train ride on the Transcarpathian railway (60fps HD)

View from the electric locomotive (train driver’s view) on a cold and sunny winter day on the mountain railway from Stryi station to Slavske station in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. It is the main, and busiest, Transcarpathian railway route in Ukraine.

This double-track, electrified line (3 kV DC) passes through Volovets Pass, which is located between Lavochne and Volovets stations and connects Lviv and Zakarpattya (Uzhhorod city) regions. Almost all passenger and freight trains from Kyiv / Lviv to Mukachevo, Chop and Uzhhorod pass through here. Stryj is located on the plain, and from the Verkhne Synyovydne station (22:50​) begins a completely mountainous landscape. Have a nice trip!

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