WWF Ukraine – Lungs of Ukraine

To abate the overwhelming volume of the illegal logging in Ukraine, WWF Ukraine implements the educational program “Forest Watch”, training volunteers to identify and counteract illegal logging.

The creative idea of the communication, aimed at raising the public awareness and promotion of the “Forest Watch”, was based on forests being customary called “the lungs of Ukraine”. The way how seamless the sound of the labored breathing, when short for the oxygen, turns into a tree being sawed down reflects how quickly and subtly situation can turn tragic for the Ukrainian forests and environment as a whole, if left unchecked.

Advertising Agency: Provid, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Vlad Galyapa
Copywriter: Vlad Galyapa
Project Manager: Irina Okhramovich
Production: NewMix Production
Sound Design: Vitalii Kandyba
Production Manager:Alexsandra Guliai

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