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Why Ukrainian Music Should Become Your Next Obsession After K-Pop

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Plus Twelve Hand-Picked Artists To Begin With

Some groundbreaking news. There are countries beyond the UK and the USA that produce good music.

I know, it’s shocking. And you might need some time to comprehend this.
Remarkably the press you read won’t tell you about Ukrainian music. You’ll be informed about wars, disasters, and conflicts happening in foreign countries but not about their culture and art. So pacifistic.

This is a shame as you’re missing on something fairly gorgeous and alluring.
So my intention is to reclaim this nuisance. And I can humbly say — this is nothing less than an act of kindness from my side. An incredible gift that you shall not forget and cherish for the rest of your life.
I’m just kidding.

But, surely, discovering Ukrainian music can be a life-changing experience. It’ll add more color and flavor to your life. You might indeed become a better person after listening to some fine specimen of this genre.

So, please, let me be your guide and help you to explore, perhaps, something new.
Before we dive into this indulgence, I shall make a few brief points or observations on why is Ukrainian music so indescribably amazing…

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