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Ukraine’s Alyona Alyona makes it on list of top-10 most electrifying female-rappers

alyona alyona

Ukrainian singer Alyona Alyona was ranked among top-10 female rappers “who are killing the Hip-Hop game right now.” According to Highsnobiety, these ten hip-hop artists are ready to keep you entertained in self-isolation.

“Alyona Savranenko has cycled through multiple careers over the years: from schoolteacher to make-up counter cashier, she lived various lives before finding fame as one of Ukraine’s breakout rap stars. Her tongue-in-cheek videos, which feature scenes of Savranenko jet-skiing across cartoon-plastered green-screens and rapping with her friends, have racked up millions of views, proving that great rap really can transcend language barriers,” stated in the article.

The publication describes Alyona Alyona’s music in the following way: “Savranenko’s flow is rapid-fire, rhythmic and charismatic, with countless pitch shifts and ad-libs guaranteed to get lodged in your mind. Rumbling bass and eccentric touches characterize her beats, but generally, they are stripped back: Savranenko truly does not need much help to shine.”

Want to hear more? Check out our playlist of her top songs below:

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