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Embroidered Hollywood: Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and others wear their vashyvanky

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The vashyvanka shirt is a Ukrainian icon. Recognized the world over for its beauty and comfort. Lately its become fashionable to wear them not just for Ukrainian events, but even in everyday public life. Sometimes, even on the red carpet! On Vashyvanka Day, lets take a look at some of our favorite celebs in their Ukrainian dress.

Jim Morrison – an American musician, poet and film director, vocalist and leader of the group “The Doors” in the 70’s of the last century also dressed an embroidery. The picture was made in 1966 by American photographer Guy Webster.

jim morrison vishivanka

The British singer and composer Adele is posing in embroidery for the fashion magazine VOGUE.

adel voqoe

Hayden Panettiere – American actress, singer and model with Italian origin is also dressed in embroidery.

haiden panatiery

Reese Witherspoon, an American actress and producer, winner of the Oscar Award, also wears an embroidered shirt. In this image it looks very nice and womanish.

riz uizerspunn

Nicole Kidman is an Australian and American actress, one the most popular Hollywood’s stars, winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, has a wonderful style. In her everyday looks we can often see embroidered shirts and unique vintage things decorated with embroidered ornaments.


On the New York streets we can easily meet famous Hollywood actress Katie Holmes in the embroidered shirt. She likes to combine jeans and embroidered blouses with ethnic motives.

keti holms

Here’s another Hollywood actress and owner of Oscar – Sandra Bullock who choses dresses with embroidered ornaments for the red carpet. Her dress with embroidery successfully emphasizes the beauty of a woman.

sandra bullok

Jackie Chan – а Hong Kong and American film actor, director, producer and screenwriter in a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt with a blue and white ornament looks very cool.

vishivanka chan

The British supermodel Kate Moss choses embroidery and shorts for her everyday look. This romantic kit adds her charm.

keti holms 1

Not only world-famous singers, supermodels and movie stars wear embroidery. For example, Richard Branson, a British billionaire, the founder and president of the Virgin Group and a frequent visitor of the secular events, also looks very beautiful in Ukrainian traditional embroidery shirts.


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