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Toronto’s newest hit opera is about Ukraine’s Euromaidan

Counting Sheep is a deeply personal retelling of the Maidan revolution in Ukraine — an immersive Ukrainian folk-opera set to the sounds of beloved guerilla-folk party-punk band, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. In January 2014, Mark Marczyk touches down in Kyiv and is quickly thrust into a nation on the eve of revolution, a volatile whirlwind of tragedy mixed with hope and solidarity, torn apart by brutal violence. Counting Sheep is a striking, visceral exploration into the politics of revolution, beating with the heart of a people yearning for a better tomorrow. A call-to-action and affirmation of the human condition, Counting Sheep invites audiences to be part of the Revolution.

The 12-member cast envelops audience members in this historic time period as they perform moments of revolution amongst three large screens projecting real life news coverage of the revolution that began in 2013. Counting Sheep is performed using gorgeous Ukrainian polyphony choral music and though not in English, the exuberant musical performances and vibrant visuals offer a clear view into the lived experience of those involved in the Maidan, and to an extent, any modern day political revolution. Anticipation, excitement, fear, loss, anger and the will to keep fighting – audience members are by the Revolutionaries’ side, riding the wave of each emotion.

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