Tina Karol х KAZKA – Зірочка

Singer Tina Karol has released a duet song Zirochka with KAZKA. This is the first track from the Ukrainian-language album of duets Young Blood, the release of which was timed to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

“Dmytro Tsyperdyuk wrote the song Zirochka a long time ago. It was incredibly popular in my hometown of Ivano-Frankivsk, I listened to it as a schoolgirl. I always believed that Zirochka was an all-Ukrainian and international hit. I invited KAZKA to sing Zirochka in a duet: they, like no other, correspond to the dance, ethnic, light mood of the song. Sasha Zaritska is the only performer who could perform this future hit so easily,” she said.

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