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Watch: Documentary rediscovers iconic designer of 1917 Ukrainian state symbols

The film Brand Makers (Brendari) is director Nadia Parfan’s account of the Ukrainian school of graphic design founded by “patriarch” Heorhii Narbut and continued by his students and followers. These include today’s successful designers like Pavel Vrzhesch at Kyiv’s Banda Agency and Mykola Shkvarok and Yevhen Yefimenko at Brendari in Ivano-Frankivsk. Also included are the artists Oleg Tistol and Mykola Matsenko, members of Natsprom who have undertaken an art of “national promotion.” The film also features Yuliya Lytvynets, director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, which has preserved Narbut’s works for over 50 years in a special collection, as well as the editor of the Narbut Anthology, Bohdan Zavitii.

Oleg Tistol, artist
Pavlo Vrzheshch, creative director of banda agency (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Mykola Shkvarok, Yevhen Yefimenko, founders of design studio Brendari (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Bohdan Zavitiy, editor of Narbut Anthology
Yuliya Lytvynets, general director of National Art Museum of Ukraine

The film was commissioned by RODOVID press (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago, USA), with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Fund.
Interviews are a part of #narbutxxi​ project.
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