Age of Kyivan Rus

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From rustic and humble beginnings, the civilization of Kyivan Rus grew to be one of the strongest in the early medieval period.

Many people around the world know little about Ukraine’s golden past. What they do know is often shrouded in confusion, legend, and myth.

“People don’t know about the economical and political successes of Kyivan Rus. The military victories. We know them well, they are described very well. But people do not know about economy and politics,” ethnographer and Head of Production in Kyivan Rus Park, Oleksandr, said.

From the end of the 10th to the start of the 13th century, the city of Kyiv was a cultural center in Eastern Europe, a bastion of Christianity. it was the seat of power in a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic Rus empire.

Ethnographers have debunked the Russian ethnic nationalist claim that all Eastern Europe has belonged to, and only belongs to pure Slavs….

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