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9 of the Coolest Made-in-Ukraine Designers

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Since 2014’s civil unrest, Ukraine’s fashion industry has undergone its own revolution. There is an influx of patriotism and homegrown pride that seems to affect the marketing of even the most underwhelming pieces of clothing: Wool socks sold on the side of the street are proudly stamped with phrases like “Made in the region of Zhytomyr, Ukraine,” while $3 beanies are emblazoned with the country’s coat of arms. Every other booth in a bazaar is filled with colorful handmade vinoks, a traditional Ukrainian flower crown. And, of course, everything is “Made in Ukraine,” a phrase that has come to hold great symbolism and even inspired it’s own hashtag—there are over 150,000 results of manufactured goods, from coffee mugs to passport covers, hailing from the country that are currently available for view on Instagram.

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