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  • Viktor Yanukovych interview with BBC Newsnight

    Ukraine’s former president, and current fugitive, Viktor Yanukovych sat down with BBC Newsnight to do his first interview with western media on Monday, June 22 2015. It’s not surprise that Yanukovych denies any wrong doing in the fleecing of Ukraine, blames the war in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea on the Maidan revolution and feels that […] More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Updates in Kyiv

    Yesterday, Ukrainians counted their dead and wounded. There is really not much point in recounting events from the streets of Kyiv on 20.02.2014 – the international networks all have their correspondents here, and they were closer to the scene all day than I. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – 19.02.2014

    With almost 30 confirmed dead after last night’s clashes, and hundreds injured; with trains and road transport into the capital effectively stopped today (airports are still open, but many believe this is temporary), many Ukrainians have started to seriously discuss how long it will be before Yanukovych declares a “state of emergency” (i.e. “martial law”). More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – 28.01.2014

    Maybe I’m imagining things, but I have the distinct impression that the mood on Maidan and Hrushevskoho St. changed significantly in the wake of today’s events in Parliament. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Filtering Through the Fog of War

    Today I spent a couple of hours on Maidan; walked up to the front lines on Hrushevskoho St., and strolled around the freshly occupied “Ukrainian House” on European Square; prayed in the tent chapel; spent time trying to keep warm near burning barrels with other protestors. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – More Violence to Come?

    Yesterday I posted a prediction as to upcoming events in Kyiv that now needs to be corrected. Just as the violence was unfolding on Hrushevskoho St. I predicted that Yanukovych would use this event as an excuse to declare martial law. More