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  • Kyiv Day 3: 10,000 Days In

    It’s only the third day that I’m in Kyiv – it feels like it’s been weeks. It’s the busy schedule that’s the reason for it but it’s also because I feel familiar with this place. More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – Thoughts on Putin

    I’ve spent the past week in Canada visiting my elderly parents. Other than having to deal with jet lag, I’ve also experienced a degree of culture shock: for the average Canadian, the situation in Ukraine is very distant indeed. For Ukrainian-Canadians who I would classify as intellectuals, the ongoing war in the Donbas is more […] More

  • Thoughts from Kyiv – 20.06.2014 on Russian Regime Change

    Yesterday, I met with a group of analysts from Europe and the US brought to Kyiv by the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO. My remarks were deliberately provocative because I am convinced that actual policies implemented by bureaucracies are generated as compromises between extreme positions. More