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    Ukraine Euro 2016 Kits Released


    Ukraine’s EURO 2016 kits have hit the internet and they’re looking pretty stylish. Similar to Bosnia’s 2016 kits the Ukrainian vishivanka design has been replaced with a faded tartan pattern. The buttons at the bottom of the collar are unique. What are your thoughts? Do you like them?





    If you can’t get yourself a Ukraine kit in time, or prefer something a little different, check out these options below.

    Ukrainian National Team Shirt – $17.99
    Ukrainian National Team Tee Shirt

    Україна National Team Shirt – $17.99
    Україна National Team Tee Shirt

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    The New Ukrainian Street Style Crew Is Here


    Over the past several years, Ukraine’s fashion scene has transformed from a cheeky post-Soviet-influenced hot spot of all things loud and luxurious (and imported from the West) to a booming arena for homeland designers. One factor that has helped shine international light on Ukrainian fashion? The free publicity delivered by the much-lensed It girls who love to be seen in looks from their motherland. And with Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days kicking off on Thursday, we expect to see plenty of Ukrainian pride on the streets. Here, from Alina Baikova in Omelya garb to Yuliya Magdych in traditional Slavic dress, see the stylish set of Ukrainians to follow now.

    See them all at Vogue.com

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    Meet Ukraine’s “Invisible battalion” of women


    Brave beauty. Twelve fearless women are depicted on a Ukrainian calendar for 2016. However, they represent a much larger group of Ukrainian female soldiers, whose service is usually left unnoticed. These women deserve to be called brave not only because they actually participate in the war in eastern Ukraine. They also fight on the invisible front of stereotypes, humiliation and underestimation. That is the reason why the women in Ukrainian army were metaphorically named the “Invisible Battalion” in the first sociological study on women’s participation in the Donbas war.

    Read the rest at EuromaidanPress.com

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    9 of the Coolest Made-in-Ukraine Designers


    Since 2014’s civil unrest, Ukraine’s fashion industry has undergone its own revolution. There is an influx of patriotism and homegrown pride that seems to affect the marketing of even the most underwhelming pieces of clothing: Wool socks sold on the side of the street are proudly stamped with phrases like “Made in the region of Zhytomyr, Ukraine,” while $3 beanies are emblazoned with the country’s coat of arms. Every other booth in a bazaar is filled with colorful handmade vinoks, a traditional Ukrainian flower crown. And, of course, everything is “Made in Ukraine,” a phrase that has come to hold great symbolism and even inspired it’s own hashtag—there are over 150,000 results of manufactured goods, from coffee mugs to passport covers, hailing from the country that are currently available for view on Instagram.

    Read the rest at Vogue.com

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    Ukraine President Poroshenko’s Speech to UN General Assembly

    PETRO POROSHENKO, President of Ukraine, addressed the United Nations General Assembly on September 29, 2015. In one the more entertaining speeches that day, he called out an aggressor (Russia) for their support of terrorism in Ukraine and the rest of the world. As always, President Poroshenko did a great job speaking to the world and continues to bring attention to what is currently happening in Ukraine.

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    Viktor Yanukovych interview with BBC Newsnight

    Ukraine’s former president, and current fugitive, Viktor Yanukovych sat down with BBC Newsnight to do his first interview with western media on Monday, June 22 2015. It’s not surprise that Yanukovych denies any wrong doing in the fleecing of Ukraine, blames the war in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea on the Maidan revolution and feels that he is still the true President of Ukraine. However, the most entertaining portion of the video comes when he is asked about his opulent residence, the zoo on it’s grounds and the ostriches that he ‘supports’.

    What are your thoughts on the interview?

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    The Tribe – Ukrainian Sign Language Film Winning Praises

    Ukrainian film The Tribe has quietly been winning praise as a unique and poetic film. Winner of multiple 2014 Cannes Film Festival Awards (including the coveted Critics’ Week Grand Prix), Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy‘s The Tribe is an undeniably original and intense feature debut set in the insular world of a Ukrainian high school for the deaf. The Tribe unfolds through the non-verbal acting and sign language from a cast of deaf, non-professional actors—with no need for subtitles or voice over––resulting in a unique, never-before-experienced cinematic event that engages the audience on a new sensory level.

    Teenage Sergey (Grigoriy Fesenko), a new student at the boarding school, realizes immediately that he must prove himself worthy to be brought under the protective wing of the school gang’s leader to survive unscathed. After an indoctrination of harmless initiation pranks and rites, Sergey’s new-found clique soon introduces him to their common activities of robbery, bribery and prostitution. At first assimilating seamlessly into his new role in the tribe, he finds himself compromised as he begins to fall in love with his female classmate—and one of the gang’s escorts—triggering a sequence of stunningly diabolical events.

    Find a showtime near you.