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    Ukraine dance group blows judges away on America’s Got Talent

    Host Tyra Banks shocked audiences when she pushed the coveted Golden Buzzer for Light Balance, a group of dancers from Ukraine who literally lit up the stage with their intricate choreography and neon costumes on a recent episode.

    This isn’t Light Balance’s first time on TV or their first appearance on the Got Talentfranchise. The dancers performed for Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014.

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    Carpathians in 4K

    Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the most popular resorts and tourist centers of the country. A beautiful mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, shepherds and humans living in harmony with nature is what makes the mountains so sttractive to tourists! An original nature of territory, beauty of its Alpine meadows and woods, rough rivers and mountain lakes, soft climate, curative mineral sources, the historical and architectural monuments can attract everyone to themselves.

    Video by Max Osmolovsky

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    ONUKA & NAONI – Vidlik

    At the 2017 Eurovision Song contest in Kyiv, musician ONUKA partnered with NAONI and rocked the house with an very Ukrainian Electronic track titled “Vidlik”. The song, which is skyrocketing up the European charts, incorporates many Ukrainian instruments including bandura’s and trembita’s. Overall a great performance.

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    Animal Portraits from Ukrainian Photographer Sergey Polyushko


    Sergey Polyushko is an professional photographer currently based in Kiev, Ukraine. Sergey shoots a lot of nature, landscape, architecture and animal photography.

    Whether he’s snapping photos of domesticated cats, dogs, or wild horses, squirrels and other animals Polyushko is able to take a photo that not only tells a story but captures his subjects characteristics and attitude too – just take a look at the first photo below!.

    Often choosing to shoot close-up photos of the animals in front of him Polyushko’s animal portraits are likely to be the most captivating and beautiful you’ll ever see.

    Which ones are your favorites?

    More info: Sergey Polyushko | Instagram | Facebook

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    20 Amazing Pysanka Designs

    The colorful art of decorating EASTER EGGS, or PYSANKY, has been a Ukrainian tradition for over ten centuries. Growing up Ukrainian meant that Easter would bring the traditions of hot beeswax and food coloring combined to paint a beautiful work of art on an egg. Below is a collection of some great designs, all hand made with love and care.

    Which ones are your favorites? Vote below.

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    Famed bassist Flea tries hand at Bandura


    Bass player Flea, arguably one of the best bassists of all time, has tried his hand at the Ukrainian folk string instrument, the bandura.

    Flea was filmed played the bandura at the apartment of Ukrainian model Nadia Shapoval, where he and other band members were hanging out on July 4. Shapoval posted an Instagram video of Flea tackling the multi-stringed instrument.

    Love❤️ at my place ❤️

    A photo posted by Nadiia Shapoval (@nadiiashapoval) on

    Meanwhile, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was spotted walking down Andryivsky Uzviz, one of Kyiv’s top tourist attractions, on July 5.

    Anthony Kiedis in Kyiv, Ukraine

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    Unbroken – Ukraine’s Hockey Dream

    2016 was supposed to be a glorious year for Ukraine hockey. A revival that began 10 years ago had the objective of making Ukraine an elite hockey power, instead, the Ukraine/pro-Russian war devastated the plan. But thanks to the resilience of a Ukrainian billionaire, the dream is still alive. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

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    Toronto’s newest hit opera is about Ukraine’s Euromaidan

    Counting Sheep is a deeply personal retelling of the Maidan revolution in Ukraine — an immersive Ukrainian folk-opera set to the sounds of beloved guerilla-folk party-punk band, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. In January 2014, Mark Marczyk touches down in Kyiv and is quickly thrust into a nation on the eve of revolution, a volatile whirlwind of tragedy mixed with hope and solidarity, torn apart by brutal violence. Counting Sheep is a striking, visceral exploration into the politics of revolution, beating with the heart of a people yearning for a better tomorrow. A call-to-action and affirmation of the human condition, Counting Sheep invites audiences to be part of the Revolution.

    The 12-member cast envelops audience members in this historic time period as they perform moments of revolution amongst three large screens projecting real life news coverage of the revolution that began in 2013. Counting Sheep is performed using gorgeous Ukrainian polyphony choral music and though not in English, the exuberant musical performances and vibrant visuals offer a clear view into the lived experience of those involved in the Maidan, and to an extent, any modern day political revolution. Anticipation, excitement, fear, loss, anger and the will to keep fighting – audience members are by the Revolutionaries’ side, riding the wave of each emotion.

    For tickets visit Counting Sheep

    More on Lemon Bucket Orkestra

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    Lonely Planet ranks Lviv amongst top European cities to visit


    Lonely Planet has ranked Lviv, Ukraine as the 5th best destination you need to see in Europe for 2016. With its independent coffee houses and traditional chocolatiers, Lviv looks, smells, and tastes like the best of Europe. Indeed, its Western flavor has earned it the moniker “Little Paris of Ukraine.” And yet, compared to other prized European cities, relatively few people travel here. Here’s hoping that the Lonely Planet guide opens it up to many more eyes!

    Via Lonely Planet – Best in Europe 2016

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