An Open Letter to the International Diplomatic World


On June 14, 2014 the frustration of Russia’s actions finally boiled over in Kyiv. Why are you surprised that this happened? Why are you condemning this action when you sit in silence over Russia’s role in attacking Ukraine? Guess what – that’s the height of hypocrisy!

Russia has for months stirred up trouble in Ukraine. It outright invaded our country and you sit in your offices and condemn the Ukrainians who probably lost friends and family fighting for our country against a clear aggressor. Only the blind and deaf can think Russia isn’t involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Russian Embassy represents the Russian Federation in Ukraine – for millions of Ukrainians, they represent the enemy and that’s why the Embassy was attacked. It represents the lies and attacks of the Russian military in eastern Ukraine.

While having your heads in the sand over the situation might be beneficial now (cough, cough, I’m looking at you Germany, Great Britain and France), but sooner or later – the sh*t is going to hit the fan, as they say. And then where will you be? Sitting in your offices saying “we should have done something sooner?” Well now is the time to do something rather than condemn Ukrainians in Kyiv and verbally support the troops on the ground in the east.


It is ironic that the EU has chosen to ignore its own history – it was created out of a world war where an aggressor decided that whole nations and peoples weren’t good enough to even live. And guess what – that’s what Putin has in mind for Ukraine. He doesn’t believe we are worthy enough to have our own country – we’re the little brother’s after all. Russia should be the example we follow and if we don’t, well, we aren’t good enough for his dominion. France and Great Britain sat in silence while Germany took over Czechoslovakia and Austria and were then shocked, just shocked, when they invaded France. Guess what – Russia is the modern day Nazi Germany! It has the same fanatic ideology based on Russian blood dominance, the same intolerance to minorities and Jews and the same paranoid misconceptions about the world as a whole (thanks largely in part to Putin’s control of the media). And Germany shouldn’t sit there supporting its new trading partner – they may not remember what happened when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union became friends and allies, but Ukrainians sure do! Maybe it’s not the best idea to friends with a man who thinks Stalin was a good leader.

Stop condemning Ukrainians when Russian actions are deplorable. Stop telling the Ukrainians what to do when you’re actions towards the Russian aggressors has been anything but powerful. Help us for God’s sakes so that history is not repeated yet again – a history that has washed Ukraine with blood (millions more than any other country in Europe!). We’ve lost too many in our push towards Europe and this time around, your silence may just be the last straw in our want of Europe!

What do you think?

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