List of Cabinet Ministers proposed for Interim Government in Ukraine


Below is a listing of all Cabinet Ministers proposed by Rada Maidana today in Independence Square Ukraine.

  • Prime MinisterArseniy Yatsenyuk [Batkivshchyna]
  • Deputy Prime Minister for European IntegrationBoris Tarasyuk [Batkivshchyna]
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian PolicyOlga Bohomolets
  • Anticorruption BureauTatiana Chornovol
  • Lustration Committee – Ehor Sobolev
  • Minister for Justice – Pavel Petrenko [Batkivshchyna]
  • Minister for the Economy – Pavel Sheremeta
  • Minister for Education – Sergei Kvit
  • Minister for Social Policy – Lyudmilla Denisova [Batkivshchyna]
  • Minister for the Environment – Andrei Mokhnik [Svoboda]
  • Minister for Culture – Evgeny Nischuk
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs – Andriy Deschina
  • Minister for agriculture – Oleksandr Mirnyi [Svoboda]
  • Cabinet MinisterOstap Semerak [Batkivshchyna]
  • Minister for Health – Oleh Musiy
  • Minister for Fuel and EnergyYuri Prodan [Batkivshchyna]
  • Minister for Youth and Sport – Dmitry Bulatov
  • Minister of Internal AffairsArsen Avakov [Batkivshchyna]
  • Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Viktoria Syumar and Dmytro Yarosh [Right Sector] (not yet given his consent)
  • Minister for Infrastructure – tba
  • Minister for Defence – tba

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