Winter in Chernobyl captured in infrared

Vladimir Migutin’s photos show the chill of Chernobyl

Captured through a full spectrum Kolari Vision infrared camera, photographer Vladimir Migutin adds more surreality to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a 1000 square mile area around the tragic site of the nuclear power plant disaster. With trees tinged white and grounds and leaves taking on the colour pink, the disaster zone transforms into a dreamlike, unreal environment. See more of his work on Facebook and on Instagram.


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  1. Chernobyl is a fantastic place.
    Although going anywhere near the claw in photo 7 is not recommended.
    When I was there one of the men on the tour had Geiger counter. it read the highest of anyplace on the tour.
    I don’t remember the reading but it was high enough that I backed off right away.
    The other thing is that the tours are commercialized.
    Finding a copy of Pravda from the day of the accident on the gym coach’s office floor? Really!
    I will go again just to experience it again.

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