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  • UEFA 2018: Champions League finalists release videos about Kyiv

    Liverpool released a video-guide on Ukraine’s capital. The video shows NSC Olimpiyskiy, where the final in to take place, and explains how to get there. The video also has information on the price of one ride in the subway. English fans are recommended to try some Ukrainian traditional food – borshch, chicken Kyiv, varenyky, potato […] More

  • “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob

    Toronto shoppers were surprised when a group of Ukrainian carolers surprised everyone in the mall with a “КОЛЯДА” Flashmob. By the looks of all the lucky people surrounding them it was a huge hit!  More

  • Ukraine’s Price of Democracy

    Another moving video. This one from Natalia Bartosik. She has accurately captured the Ukrainian Revolution that is #Euromaidan in a compelling video that starts out peaceful and takes you on the journey that has become the violent protests we see today. It’s all part of the price Ukrainians are willing to pay for a free […] More

  • People Of #EuroMaidan

    This is the most moving and powerful video we’ve seen to date on the Euromaidan situation. Despite media reports of hooligans and violent protesters, there are many peaceful Ukrainians standing up for what they believe in. This video perfectly displays the regular faces of young and old, male and female who have come to show […] More

  • Ukrainian Writing System

    Ukrainian Writing System

    The people at День Kiev have been putting together a series 101 Reasons to Love Ukraine. Its a great series filled with many info-graphics. We highly recommend checking it out. In this installment, they feature the Ukrainian Writing System: The system of Ukrainian written language is much older than it was previously assumed. Its roots go back […] More