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  • Kyiv Day 3: 10,000 Days In

    It’s only the third day that I’m in Kyiv – it feels like it’s been weeks. It’s the busy schedule that’s the reason for it but it’s also because I feel familiar with this place. More

  • Kyiv Day 2: World War 3 – Europe again

    We’re sitting in a café at Zoloti Vorota. The water is burbling behind me in the massive fountain. There’s five of us sitting around a small table. More

  • Kyiv Day 1: Language Please?

    This is the first time I’ve ever flown into a country that was in a war. Did this terrify me? A little bit. I knew enough to call home and leave an ‘I love you’ message on the answering machine. This will be the second time this year I’m going to Ukraine – why? Cause I can, but mostly because I want to. More

  • The Flag of Unrealized Goals

    I was sitting on a curb outside of a Shoppers Drug Mart in a strip mall in Etobicoke, Canada with a friend. He was talking about his experiences during the Maidan Revolution – he was there in February and describing what he did to me. All that kept on going through my mind were the […] More

  • Lenin – The Liar

    The Lenin statue was toppled in December 2013. I would walk by it all the time when I was living in Kyiv. It stood there – looking at me; evilly. Looking over the city he almost destroyed and the people he manipulated. Lenin was a jerk. More

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger sends a message to the Ukrainian people

    Euromaidan has a new supporter!! Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger for your support of the Ukrainian people! (even if you do call it ‘the’ #Ukraine). It’s nice to see more celebrities recognizing the cause. Follow Euromaidan live with our Euromaidan Social Hub. More

  • Perogy-flavoured chips make the cut

    In Canada you can now find pergy-flavoured chips on the shelves. It’s part of Lays Canada’s new contest to pick their next flavour. No surprise that the chips are flying off the shelves. Edmonton’s Lucas Crawford came up with the suggestion and might just be their biggest fan. The video from CBC dives deep into […] More

  • Crossword Puzzle House

    The world’s largest crossword puzzle may just be in Lviv, Ukraine. This crossword puzzle, which covers the side of a residential building is about 30 meters tall. During the day the crossword puzzle looks empty, but at night the letters light up to reveal the words. The questions for the puzzle are located in different points […] More

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